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Ningbo Sinotech Автоматска опрема копродукции, Ltd е основана во 2014 година, ние сме главно, се фокусира на развој и производство Нестандардни автоматско машинерии, како и автоматска линија за производство.

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    Ние сме производител на машини, ние сме, исто така, машини за корисникот

    Ние ги реши проблемите проблеми пред да стигне до вас

    Our sister company start producing paint roller brush since year 2008, 95% of the paint roller was for exporting to country like U.S. and Europe, with the growing of business, we started to invest on machines for stable quality and higher efficiency, we were buy machines from China and Europe by that time but problems continues to happen and we have to call the factories for repairing.
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